At the Collective we continually strive to provide only the best in unique and inspired instruction for our members and visitors.  We have always made an effort to provide variety in our classes and made a decision upon the founding of OBXFC that we will continue to grow and adapt.  We decided then that we wanted our teachers to create from their experience and authenticity.  Our group has been part of the local fitness culture for more than two decades combined and has been very fortunate to make many solid connections over the years.  

We have new teacher and content coming in over the next couple months and we encourage all of our members to explore the work of our new instructors coming on with inspiration from years of practice.  Some inspiration from yoga, cardio kickboxing, dance integrations, kettle bell training, and even promotion from within all coming soon. We are so pleased to be a part of the growth and wellness of our community.  

There will also be some modifications to schedules and class content in some cases.  We encourage you to not only try some of those classes that may have been intimidating originally, but also those with our new instructors.  Remember… Movement is a privilege! Not a chore!