Lucie Nuzzo

Injury Prevention

"My main focus when I started with Dan was to improve overall fitness and also prevent further injury. I started to learn new sports in my late 30's. The movement practice helped my performance in all of them: surfing, snowboarding, and kiteboarding. I can have fun on the water and snowboard way longer than ever before. I feel stronger, more flexible, and much happier.

Bailey Frumen

Connect to your potential

[OBX Fitness Collective] is a game changer. I've practiced yoga for over 15 years and [Dan's practice] has changed the way I think about myself and movement. From the very beginning of my experience with him I felt my body awake and alive in a way that I just haven't felt before. I had muscles activated and flexibility instantly increased because I shifted my perspective of how to move my body.

Hilarey Ball

have fun, be inspired

I began taking classes from Kelly in 2016 and soon reworked by whole day so that I could make sure I made every opportunity to be in her class. Not only does she inspire you to work harder and challenge yourself more than you think you possibly can, her engaging and fun personality makes the class fly by in a mixture of sweat and laughter. This makes her style of fitness open to any kind of athlete looking to grow both mentally and physically. 

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