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Coming into our 6th year, we are so very grateful for our growth and the success of our clients.  2024 brings some change and growth including expanded personal training opportunities, exciting events, a home gym away from home, and more.  We believe Movement is a privilege, not a chore. We are made to move, so let’s move more!! Our instructors are constantly studying, learning from authentic experience, and adapting information on many methods to bring legitimate and fresh content for all. Our goal is to make ones fitness efforts mindful, engaging, and enjoyable. We’d love to have you join us for in house, and beach classes in Kitty Hawk, or join our growing online community.

The OBX Fitness Collective is the only studio of its sort on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We offer a wide array of group training methods for all levels including Barre, Rebounders, TRX, Whimsy Warriors, HIIT, strength and stamina circuits, and mobility. Training with us can bring about injury prevention, performance enhancement (both general and sports related), improved conditioning, and physical competency. Being a part of our community promotes healthy lifestyle choices, aids in well thought goal setting, and, more importantly, achievement, as well provides a positive, open minded space for people of all variety, experience level, and age to come together and share in one of our most important and enjoyable aspects of life: Movement.

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What People Say

“My main focus when I started with Dan was to improve overall fitness and also prevent further injury. I started to learn new sports in my late 30’s. The movement practice helped my performance in all of them: surfing, snowboarding, and kiteboarding. I can have fun on the water and snowboard way longer than ever before. I feel stronger, more flexible, and much happier.”

Lucie Nuzzo

What People Say

“[OBX Fitness Collective] is a game-changer. I’ve practiced yoga for over 15 years and [Dan’s practice] has changed the way I think about myself and movement. From the very beginning of my experience with him, I felt my body awake and alive in a way that I just haven’t felt before. I had muscles activated and flexibility instantly increased because I shifted my perspective of how to move my body.”

– Baily Frumen

What People Say

As an athlete in my mid-40s, I have been looking for fitness that can help with the aches and pains and keep me competitive in surfing and kitesurfing.  The extensive hip and shoulder work has helped get me to lower to the board and paddle for a lot longer period of times.  On a recent swell, I was able to surf for eight hours in a day when previously I would be canceled in half the time.

Matt Nuzzo

What People Say

This past year has been the first time in my life I have taken fitness classes. Lindsey is such a great teacher and cheerleader who knows how to challenge me without making me feel self-conscious. It may seem like a simple thing but the barre and TRX classes have helped me focus and control muscles in my body that seem to never get used! I feel so much stronger and happier!


What People Say

OBX fitness collective is a great studio that offers so many different amazing classes. The instructors are awesome – they kick your butt but they keep the classes super fun too. Lindsey’s Bounce classes are my favorite! Thanks for keeping me motivated and making me look forward to working out!