OBX Fitness Collective, founded in 2018 by Lindsay Scheer with Kelly and Dan Althoff , is a collaborative, class based studio located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  With over 25 years combined experience in the fitness industry, this is one group that really brings fun into keeping physically fit.  We are inspired, constantly studying, and keenly watching fitness culture toward the end of adapting our approach as to provide a space and virtual experience that is useful to all.   


In early 2020 as a response to Covid-19 shutdowns,  we jumped in to livestreaming classes on our social media platforms to support our members.  In the process of adapting our teaching to an online experience, we realized that we have an opportunity to help people all over the world.  The different perspectives and methods taught at our studio can all be combined for a full spectrum of training for anyone from beginner looking to find something that suits  to fitness enthusiast looking to challenge themselves and stay motivated.  Our group’s variety is also ideal for individuals looking for affordable online instruction options in the individual disciplines offered by each founder, as well by our competent and experienced staff.  So no matter where you are, check out the studio online today and join us!

Our Goal is to develop students to be 

Happy, Healthy, and helpful