OBX Fitness Collective, founded in 2018 by Lindsay Scheer with Kelly and Dan Althoff , is a collaborative, class based studio located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  With over 25 years combined experience in the fitness industry, this is one group that really brings fun into keeping physically fit.  We are inspired, constantly studying, and keenly watching fitness culture toward the end of adapting our approach toward the end of uplifting not only our body parts, but our community. 


Back in 2020, in the beginning of a global pandemic, we began seeking to continue sharing our passion for health and fitness.  In order to support our local community we shared workouts on socials and have since grown into a regularly updated library of workouts on our VHX.  From mobility to strength and sculpting, you can also take a little bit of our studio to travel or your home.  

Our Goal is to be

Happy, Healthy, and helpful