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Kelly and Dan Althoff have been bringing a unique movement practice to the Outer Banks for years through their involvement and instruction at the YMCA in Nags Head and their own group, Move Unbound. Kelly and Lindsay met at one of Kelly's classes in 2018 and found they had similar goals of bringing a new and diverse studio to the area. A friendship and partnership blossomed and today we are lucky enough to have the OBX Fitness Collective. Their partners, Dan and Matt, are equally as involved and bring a completely difference movement practice to the table. 


The Collective offers something for everyone whether you are a dancer looking to increase your stamina through barre, a surfer interested in finding greater mobility and balance, a mom looking to get a sweat and endorphin release, or a runner seeking a new PR. The OBFC is the new one stop studio on the beach that offers something for the whole family, including child care. Dan will also be leading classes for toddlers and children that emphasize good natured play and a healthy mindset. You, and your children, don't want to miss the opportunity to learn and laugh with this awesome team.


Meet The Team


Kelly passion and specialities have been fueled by the Tracy Anderson method.  This focus led her to the creation of Whimsy Warriors where participants will practice low impact, high intensity moves in a hot room. She is also known for her killer HIIT classes combining bodyweight, strength, and cardio.


Dan specializes in what is referred to as Movement Culture which combines locomotive, rhythmic, gymnastic, and parkour based disciplines with functional strength training. He has been training on the OBX for over 10 years and has studied with the Ido Portal group.


Lindsay's love of barre started her down the path of becoming an instructor, enabling her to share her passion with others. She also has a vast knowledge of the human body that has come from her experience with other exercise disciplines and her skills as a massage therapist.


A long time marathoner and triathlete, Matt brings an endurance method to the collective. He will be guiding and coaching individuals interested in running longer distances and is a great coach to anyone looking to complete their first distance race or those keen to decrease their time and increase their efficiency. 


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