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Over the years, OBX Fitness Collective Movement Mentor, Dan Althoff has changed the lives of many from beginner to fitness enthusiast to accomplished athlete. Now his movement coaching is available online, in your home from anywhere.

Build a personal practice that lasts a lifetime

Movement is a privilege, a saying coined by Dan many years ago, holds in its simplicity the essence of his perspective on the matter of fitness.  He has built a reputation as one of the most unconventional and insightful coaches.  He stands alone in the Outer Banks as a spearhead of movement culture (a sub category of physical culture that transcends any one particular discipline).  Through his broad spectrum of experience he has formulated a process that can help anyone, regardless of starting point, to better health and understanding of their body, and its relationship to overall wellness of a person.  His services as a mentor have, until now, been limited to personal sessions but now his guidance is available to you, from anywhere on earth.

Brian Nelson contacted Dan in the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic after seeing his feature for virtual presentations of his Dynamic Flow class for Town of Duck (NC).  Usually taught to a field full of a variety of people, the Dynamic Flow on the Duck greens has become a tradition for many on their annual visitors to the area.  Envision a wide array of individuals from accomplished athlete to enthusiastic elderly practicing together through progressive, poignant instruction. The virtual translation of the deeper levels of the movement practice has now proven to be of great benefit to an individual ready to take responsibility and put in the work. Brian is a hard worker with a great background of sports and dance experience. He had been doing other fitness and yoga programs for quite awhile but had some body mechanics situations and lingering sports injuries to sort. That, on top of having desk job that keeps him seated during work hours were slowing eating away at the suppleness and overall function of his body. In under 6 months though, his life is changed for the better through Dan’s mentorship. Here is what Brian had to say about the program:

What do you believe to be the top 3 benefits you’ve experienced in your time under mentorship?

Increased mobility, flexibility and vitality which have all led to increased physical confidence, meaning walking and moving with more assurance.

I began this practice with some physical impairments such as limited range of motion in my right shoulder and some impairment in my right hand grip. Both of these are noticeably improving, all without medical intervention or drugs. The ability to put my arm around my girlfriend while sitting on the couch is priceless.

I am happier as a result of the above!

Did you find the curriculum to be clear and level appropriate? Please elaborate.

Yes, absolutely. I feel the curriculum is designed with multiple milestones, some challenging and others readily achievable. I think this is an excellent approach, leaving me continuing to reach for more, yet showing tangible progress at each touchpoint.

How has the Program changed your perspective on fitness?

Absolutely! I find my inner dialogue shifting from what will I do for my workout today to what will I do in my practice today? The “practice” denoting so much more than “workout”, such as a lifestyle and journey compared to the traditional “leaner, bigger, stronger faster” mentality I find at the local gym. In addition, workout implies more of a chore, something to do, to cross off the list for the day.

Your thoughts on video quality and content.

The videos are great. Some of them contain a lot of information and I have to review them more than once to fully appreciate the lesson or objective, which is a good thing in terms of value. Meaning these videos contain a lot of valuable information and instruction.

Other relative comments or questions.

I am convinced this practice is greatly improving the quality of my life and adding years back to my life expectancy compared to what I was doing previously. For this, I am extremely grateful.

This program is by no means a magic pill. At the beginning there is more meetings and contact as to establish the correct lines of communication and an agreement on the importance of detail. Coaching is covered mostly through a correspondence of video from both student and mentor. Once terminology and criteria for tasks is established and understood the practice is one that the student can own. Suggested “workout” design including daily and weekly breakdown is offered at first but the point is to not only increase ones health but also physical intelligence, putting the power in the hands of the mover.  An important difference to note in an industry that builds a reliance on spoon fed instruction.  Support is always available, but as confidence and competency increase, one may find that they have an understanding of what work is priority and how it can be integrated into the things they love to do already, or things they have wanted to do. After all, it is your body, and you should, in part, decide what is most important for yourself.  This deeper dive into the art and science of owning and operating a human body will, when properly executed improve ones movement and consequently their life.

In over six months now of practice under Dan’s guidance Brian has come a long way. We can see such progress in his hang and kneeling from early on as compared to his hang and kneeling recently. Another great example is in the staff dance riddle from first return video, and second go.. This extra guidance comes at a fraction of the cost of in-person training, can be done at home or taken along to your training space, on your own time. With an option to pair with the OBX Fitness Collective online platform which features a variety of useful exercise modality, there is no need for anything other than OBXFC + Movement Mentorship to achieve levels of performance higher than previously imagined. So be you a beginner, experienced fitness enthusiast, or elite athlete, contact us today and get started on changing your perspective toward growth, and changing your life toward happier and healthier.  Casual interest brings casual results.  Not all who apply will be accepted.  Serious inquiry only please. 

33 Day Mentorship ($299)  /   100 Day Mentorship ($599)

  • 3 / 6 Video or in person meetings <OBX locals only> (1-1.5hr) to cover assessment and clarification of programming.
  • Subsequent programming including personalized video selection with clear cut criteria, periodized workout design.   Readily accessible support on the tasks, modifications, particulars of developing and owning your own practice.
  • Access to online copy of A Movers Manual: Handbook for Owning and Operating a Human Body by DL Althoff which outlines deeper concepts of the broad spectrum, natural, practical, and playful perspective on fitness.
  • Continued guidance on goal setting and achievement as the student progresses.  Guidance that will carry well beyond initial prescription and into various levels, including advanced movement capabilities.
  • Option for continued education at a discounted rate of $99/mo beyond the 100 day program.    *** 33 day program offer comes along with option to extend to 100 days at $300
  • Access to the OBX Fitness Collective online live classes and on demand video library throughout duration of mentorship.
  • A competence in physicality that leads to confidence in oneself.  


From couch to crouch in less than 100 days, and still focused on the future. 

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