Out the BoX MoVeMenT

We are excited to announce that we have absorbed OBX Fit/ OBX FItcations.  Our resident wild man, Dan was training outdoors long before the idea for OBX Fitness Collective occurred.  He will be back on the beach this year with a full schedule between Corolla, Duck, and Kitty Hawk.  We will also be available for group private bookings. Whether in studio or on the beach, we got you covered so far as fitness goes. 

In the coming weeks OBX MVMT will be publishing an app with valuable FREE content, and available guidance in general movement practice as well as specialized programming to repair/prepare the body.  With progress tracking, community, and 24/7 access to movement coaching and curated programming, we are looking forward to exploding Out of the BoX onto the larger world stage.  First step is to become to a broader understanding of your body.  Learning terminology and techniques that make any practice more rich and enjoyable.  Next is breaking out of the box of modality prescriptions and deciding what you want from your body, then getting it.  Using Science to find Balance and Diligence to enjoy the Process.  Join the Real Ones. 


OBX MVMT Summer Kids Jamz :

The world doesn’t need more weak people.  Poor health is starting earlier and earlier because children spend too much time on tech and have in growing numbers, become disconnected from their movement.

OBX MVMT Beach Camp is for kids ages 5+ and is focused on two things: fun and fitness.

Fitness can be put into the box very quickly.  In our view, fitness is a practice toward the end of being helpful to other and to be able to engage in your life fully.  At the Summer JAMZ we will learn about sand sports such as volley ball and soccer in cooperative games and drills.  We will learn about natural movement and in particular, ocean safety and swimming.  We believe every child, especially those that live surrounded by water, should learn to swim. 

Children learn through play, it’s bigger than humanity even, as many animals do the same.  Interactive games and movement riddles, education about safety and responsibility for others, and some good old fashioned horsing around will all be on the daily.

These Events will run 9-12 Tuesdays: June 20, July 18, August 15 

Use Science

 Find Balance

 Be diligent

 enjoy the process